Weekly Update #3 [4th September 2017]

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    Hello guys! Yes I know what you're thinking, weekly update? More like yearly update ....
    I haven't been posting much of these on the website but I have certainly been making daily updates on the discord "announcement" section; I felt really guilty about neglecting the announcement section on the website so I promised myself to do these more often as I always kept putting the website weekly update on the bottom of the to-do list. The majority of the things listed below won't really be anything "new" as most of you are active on the discord but for those who are not active, I will be recapping all the changes made in the last few weeks.

    Before I do start with the thread I would just like to talk a little to you guys! I would like to personally thank every single one of you guys for being part of the DragonRaids community, never have I thought that I would come to a stage like this so early. However that being said, we still have a long way to go and I have been working hard everyday to ensure that new features are being added and bugs are fixed! All of these will be evident below, I couldn't do this without you guys pointing out issues, so shoutout to all you players who have been helping me!

    Whats been added/fixed?
    • Added a new "Member" rank for those who cannot donate and really don't like the "Peasant" tag. Right now the only thing that the Member rank has is simply the tag, however in the near future I will be adding certain perks and kits to it to make it much more appealing. It is currently 500k at /warp Member. This is not targeted to those who already have a rank, so if you do have a rank, please do not purchase this.
    • I have added a new rule against cobble monsters, some of you guys may be wondering, why is this not allowed, it's allowed on most servers? Well, cobble monsters do cause a lot of lag, and I personally think that it is really unfair to "lag" out another player by simply placing a few water and lava blocks. In the future this may change once we have a slightly better host, but I don't see this changing anytime soon.
    • There has been a few bugs with genbuckets not working as they should when being obtained from /kit base or from the monthly crate, I got a few reports that they were defective and were just essentially lava buckets. I have fixed this issue! Took me a while but happy it's fixed lol!
    • All the commands such as /store, /website and /discord should be a lot more professional, I really didn't like the old look of it and it didn't stand out from the chat as much, hopefully you guys enjoy the new look as much as I do.
    • The majority of you guys wanted an option to repair your tools, due to this reason I have added an option to repair hand and repair all at /warp Repair. Just a side note, these are not cheap and it was intentionally done to balance out the economy.
    • I have added a new /warp pvparena - you may be wondering why I have done this as we already have a /warp pvp, I did this purely for those who don't have the best framerate, the spawn and especially the warzone is very intensive and can easily cause a player lag, essentially causing them to die when fighting another player. /warp pvparena is in a different world and away from all the lag, hopefully it should be a much more fps friendly place to fight!
    • I have fixed a small bug where you couldn't do /f top [page]! Thanks to Dori_Mon.
    • I have also added obsidian and TNT to each of the kits!
    • Enderpearls can no longer be used in KoTH
    • The majority of you guys have been complaining that the it was extremely hard to find supply crates in the warzone, so due to that reason, I have increased the amount of crates being spawned in the warzone from 18 to 30. Also, they will all spawn randomly unlike the previous map, so they will never be in the same position
    • I wanted to add new things to the crates as I personally find them a little dull. So I decided to add protection crystals to make them much more appealing! I may add a few items if you guys have any other suggestions!
    • A new /randomspawner feature has been added where you could get a random spawner every 24h if you purchase this perk from the store! All the spawners are equally as likely to be chosen! So, you are equally as likely to get a pig spawner as you are an iron golem spawner
    • You can now view your ping in the tab, this was added after various complaints that /ping didn't really show the actual ping of the player but instead just a "Pong"
    • /creeper has been disabled for a few days, or at least till I find a developer who can remake the plugin.
    • I have added a new requirement that in order to have your own discord voice and chat channel you MUST have 100m f top value and at LEAST 3 active members!
    • Increased the number of KoTH events happening per day from 1 to 3
    • I have added a new /warp Enchants where you can purchase high level protection/sharpness/looting enchantments that you can't normally get through enchanting!
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    Great job on everything Monjii and staff

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