Weekly Update #2 [24th July 2017]

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    Hello everyone! This week has been crazy! I've been working on a vast number of small things to improve the experience players have on the server! Again I'd like to thank everyone who's been participating and playing on the server, it's really appreciated. I've spoken to a few members of dragonraids about this, but I wanted to post something publicly about advertising. I am aware that the past few days has been a little quiet in terms of the amount of players that have been on, due to this, from the 1st August there will be an advertisement active that will ultimately cause a lot more users to be playing on the server! Due to this very reason, I have made a number of changes listed below

    Here is a list of things that's been worked on this week:

    Staff Promotions: In the past week or so, I have gone out of my way to ensure that the server has every timezone covered with a staff members. This was due to several complaints that when I was offline, a lot of the rule breakers did come on and make the experience unpleasant. Most of the members listed below are not on my timezone, apart from player. This is to ensure that the server is fully covered when I am offline. Staff applications will be closed for some time as all the positions for this have been taken.

    The following members have been approved to staff:


    Store: Over the past several days, there has been several sales to meet with the demand of the players, just yesterday there was a 60% sale that went successfully for the players. This will expire within a few hours, so if you would like to purchase something, please make sure you do it soon! After the 60% sale, it will go back down to 30%. On top of this, sales now longer take affect on the unbans/unmutes section, this is due to players taking advantage of this and breaking rules thinking they will be unbanned! Another thing that I have changed from the store was some of the permissions/kits from each of the donation ranks, all ranks should now have access to a much better /kit. I have also added protection crystals to the higher up ranks to make them more appealing. Moreover, I have implemented the "boosters" section where a player can purchase a booster, for example, x2 MCMMO, which will take affect for every player on the server.

    Website: I have improved a few things on the website, I have added two new pages, stats and bans. This is to ensure that players can see who has been banned and for reason. The stats page is to rank every player against their stats to see who is, essentially, the best player on the server given a variable, such as balance or kills.

    Factions: Many changes have been made to the factions plugin and also it's mechanics and the way it works, over the past few days, there has been a small bug where players could skip all the walls and access a faction through the roof of their base. I have disabled this from happening from adding multiple plugins to ensure that TNT does not explode over 255. Faction player limit has increased from 15 to 20. Scoreboard stats on the side of the screen has now been a lot easier to understand in terms of the stats that it shows regarding factions, land, claims etc. Faction warps have increased from 1 to 3, each costing 100k to make. Every warp you do costs 1k, this is to make this a little more balanced. On top of this, players can no longer use /esethome, /home, or /sethome in enemy territory, this was in high demand and therefore has been implemented.

    Plugins: Over the past few days I have made several small
    changes to plugins, such as the essentials worth, a few permission issues with dragonlord rank and much more. However, I have added several new plugins such as KoTH (king of the hill) and a gamble plugin that are both now public! The KoTH will happen on Friday and Saturday at 6pm EST, however for 2 weeks, starting today, KoTH will happen everyday, this is to ensure that there is no bugs or glitches! To checkout the new KoTH maps, use /warp koth. You can also gamble your cash at /warp gamble, speak to the villager for more information regarding this!

    Here is the available KoTH loot you can win:


    Other: Those who do not have the permission to break a spawner will not be able to break it. Before, players that didn't know a perk was required would break a spawner and get mad that they didn't know, however, now, when a player without the perk breaks it, it would say in chat that they need a perk from the store in order to break this, this has been implemented to prevent any confusion. Due to several altercations in the PVP tournament, I have added a new anti-cheat, this cheat has been in use for the past 3-4 days and has been doing amazing! I can see exactly who is x-raying, using kill aura, and much more! I also wanted to state that all faction top rewards will now be only be in buycraft, this is to prevent aggressive and toxic players from joining that only play for the money!
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