Weekly Update #1 [2nd July 2017]

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    The main focus for this weeks update was to make improvements to the server in anyway we could, this included the economy, adding new features, increasing the player base, and dealing with the more mechanical side of the server. I'd personally like to thank everyone who has been playing DragonRaids for the past week, we managed to have an amazing opening and it bypassed any expectations that I had! However, alongside this, there were a lot of problems that I was unaware of that you guys pointed out!

    Here is a list of things that's been worked on this week:
    • Added a chat control plugin (during this past week we had a lot of players that were joining to spam, or to advertise, this has now been resolved as in order to chat, you have to move, so in implemented this, spambots are less likely to join the server)
    • Also during this week, we were ddos'd at one point, however, since we've an amazing host, the server is almost impossible to ddos the hardware, however ddos through a backdoor in one of the servers is possible, in this specific case they managed to find a backdoor, which was resolved shortly after, however to further extend the security on the hardware, we have installed a firewall.
    • I've changed the armour in the vote crate from Prot V, to Prot VI, this was after several complaints that the server was unbalanced and that the donation ranks got a lot of items, so by doing this it narrowed the gap.
    • Another way I have narrowed the gap between Peasants and other donation ranks is that I have added 2 set homes and a /pv. Playervault (/pv) is a virtual chest that only you can access, it's like an enderchest but it's virtual, so you can access it from anywhere on the server.
    • DragonPerks have been added to the store, this is a custom plugin exclusively made at DragonRaids to give those who buy the perk a specific advantage. For e.g if you buy Dragon Speed II, it will give you Speed II permanently if you do /dragonspeed2 in-game. If you would like to turn it off just use the command again.
    • There was a lot of hastle regarding the clarity of the rules, due to this reason I've added a thread on the website about the rules in game and in the forums. This thread is in detail and explains everything you need to know regarding them. If I have missed anything out, please feel free to comment below and I'll fix it.
    • I have also fixed two issues in the world border, one where players couldn't drop liquid, such as water and lava, and the other with enderpearls. I've had several complains from players telling myself that they are able to enderpearl out of the border, and doing so results in them dying. I have fixed this completely, whenever you try enderpearl out of the border, it will just stop the command from happening and you will get the enderpearl refunded in your inventory
    • There has also been a lot of changes made to factions. For example, players in a faction are able to set faction warps with 100k, currently they are only able to set one however in the future this may be subject to change depending on the demand of this feature. The next thing I have changed is that factions are only able to have 15 players and can claim only 100 chunks, this is to prevent players bringing multiple alts to join their faction for power, the limit on chunks was implemented to stop those who make massive bases for no apparent reason. Another thing I have implemented is that I reduced the gaining of power from 2 per 10 mins, to 1 per 10 mins. The last thing that most people were waiting for was faction fly, every player is now available to use /fly in their claims, those who have purchased /fly from the store can fly anywhere in the world, apart from the safezone and the warzone, this is to prevent any unfair advantages in public events, such as envoys, will be talked further below.
    • As stated above, we have added a feature called Envoy, although most people know it as Supply Crates. This event happens every 3 hours given that there is 8 players online. Envoy is a plugin that allows crates to randomly spawn in the warzone, inside these crates there are items depending on their tier. These tiers are Basic, Lucky and Dragon. The basic crate is a normal chest, the lucky crate is an enderchest and finally the dragon crate, is of course, a dragon egg. All of these have loot inside of them, the higher the tier, the better the reward.
    • Another feature we have implemented on Dragon Raids is custom enchants, however this plugin did cause some controversy, some players stated that custom enchants should be added to the server and others were saying that it ruins the gamemode. To make both worlds come together, I have disabled all the "game-changing" enchants, and nerfed it to only those enchants that aren't too OP. You can get custom enchants through XP by using /ce in-game.
    • A lot of changes were made to the shop in game and on the store. For example, I've added Iron Golem Spawners. All of the spawner prices have been nerfed and it should be easier to obtain spawners! I've balanced out the mob drop selling prices to make it more fairer to the spawner prices. Most things should be fixed in the in-game shop, if there are any imbalances, don't hesitate to comment below and I'll see what I can do.
    • Iron Golems no longer drop any poppies to improve the grinding experience.
    • I have also added a feature called SpawnerUpgrades, this perk is available through the store, it allows players to upgrade the spawners, by doing so it will result in the spawn rate of the spawner to increase, and it will also increase the radius at which they spawn from the spawner to increase. This should make the process of grinding a lot more easier
    • There has also been a few bugs in the spawn where the wood was burning from the fire that was placed beside it. I have also fixed creeper eggs not causing any damage to blocks, this prevented players from raiding.
    • www.dragonraids.com now works to join the website, before you could only access the website by dragonraids.com, this fix will make new players access the website easier
    • I have removed mobstacker and mob heads as there were generating too many errors in the console, If I find a more stable plugin, I'll add this. On the issues that we had was that when the mobs stacked together, if you killed one, all of them died and the items that were dropped didn't account for the mobs that died, due to this reason people wasn't grinding as often.
    • Another feature that I have implemented in genbuckets, this allows users to make walls a lot easier which is crucial for those who want to build a base. You can access this by using /genbuckets in-game. If you are unsure of how this plugins works, find myself or any other player in-game and they will explain it to you.
    I'd like to personally thank those who continue to find bugs as it really makes our jobs a lot easier.

    Thanks Everyone!

    ~ DragonRaids Staff Team
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    Thanks For The Thread <3
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    Great job, you've been working so hard and I hope to continue my great experience on this server!

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