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    Personal Information
    Minecraft Username

    Discord Username

    Donator Rank

    Your timezone

    Your age

    Time played
    Right now its 2 hours but the server only just reset.
    I had over 60 hours last map.


    1. How often do you play Minecraft? How much time can you contribute into the server?
    I can contribute around 5 hours a day

    2. When is the last time you've been punished? Minecraft or real life punishments . What did you learn from it?
    I was doing a wheelie on my bike. I tried to swerve a on coming bus but hit it. I learned to never try to swerve an bus.

    3. Do you have any experience with staffing? If you don't, what good aspects can you bring to the table?
    OP-Craft {HELPER}
    I was staff on this server for about 3 weeks, I was a helper, I got around 50 players banned for hacking, I was active from as soon as I got home from school to as soon as I went to bed, I'm used to searching for hackers and watching chat to mute/warn/tempmute players.

    DreamRaids {HELPER}
    I was staff on this server for about 2 days. I got 4 mutes and I don't really have much to say about this server as I wasn't staff for long.

    DynamiteRaids {OWNER}
    This was my server, I had to shut it down though due to lack of donations, I didn't get many players, but I caught a few players using x-ray to find spawners.

    4. How have you helped out people on the server?
    This one time I made a base for a player last map, unfortunately I never saw the player come on again so I gave the base to a new player.

    5. Have you made any applications here before? [If so, when?]
    I made one last map before the new application came out.

    1. You receive a message from a player in-game stating that a hacker had just killed them.
    What would you do?

    I ask the player if they have any proof, and if I have permissions I would watch the 'hacker' for around 10 minutes and see if I find anything suspicious about him.

    2. A player is highly upset over losing a set of gear to a hacker. They then begin spamming you with "You could have done something. Why are you staff?" You warn this player but they do not stop.
    What would you do?

    I would say to them "please calm down or ill have to escalate your warn to a temp-mute" If they carried on I would temp-mute them for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes if they carry on ill make it a 10 minute mute and carry on going up until they stop.

    3. After muting the above player, his or her friends begin to spam you with messages stating they were wrongly muted and that they will get you demoted.
    What would you do?

    I would say to them "if you have a problem with me doing my job wrong, please go ahead and report me on the forums"

    4. You join the server and notice that a fellow staff member is abusing their permissions.
    What would you do?

    I contact an admin+ to have a chat with them and let the admin+ do what they need to do.

    About You
    Tell us something you like about yourself.

    My names Jake, and I love riding my bike, when I'm bored I like to experiment on minecraft and see what new things I can find out that a didn't know before.

    Tell us something you dislike about yourself.
    I dislike that when I'm pvping at night and die I rage.
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    Your answers aren't really given with much thought. For example you stated in the third scenario that you would tell them "if you have a problem with me doing my job wrong, please go ahead..." which doesn't really sound like what we want out staff members to treat our players like.
    You do have a history of rude behavior but perhaps you can change that. Feel free to re-apply in a month.

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