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      Personal Information:
      • What is your Minecraft username? McVortexPvp
      • What is your timezone? EST
      • How old are you? 14
      • How long have you played on this server? [/help > Stats > Hours played/playtime] I am new but I love it.
      • Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone? Yeah
      • Do you have a donator rank on the server? [Which if any] Not yet
      2) How much time can you usually contribute into staffing on the server? Everyday around about 3:30pm till 9:00pm week days (Only because i have school) and 10:00am till 3:00am (i stay up late so i can play with friends from America) I am on other times aswell but for deffinate then because somtimes i come on late and sometimes i come on early

      3) Have you ever been punished on this server? Have you ever been banned or punished on any other server? If so, please explain why you were. Nope, and i'm not stupid enough to be punished,

      4) SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a Helper and you mute a well-known player for a justified reason. After muting said player, you get spammed with messages of players telling you to unmute him and that you’re not good at your job. What would you do in this situation? I would /toggle messages then write in main chat explaining the reasons and telling everyone to calm down, after that tell the people about their actions and if they decided to carry on the will be further consequences and if there is people in particular i would message them about what they have done why they need to stop and why not to do it again

      5) Tell us about a time you’ve ever made a mistake. (This can be in Minecraft or in real life) Explain how you made that mistake, how you fixed the mistake, and what you learned from it. I died once on SkyBlock server in pvp and lost quite valuable things, so after this happened i worked hard at improving my PVP skills and now when risking my life i bring minimal resources just in case, this isn't a mistake but i though i should add it, once someone lost a lot of stuff on a skyblock server so i helped them out with the basics and gave them 100k and a couple days later i went on holiday for 2 weeks after i came back i saw that he had progressed massively got on to Island level leaderboards and gave me present of 100k and a spawner which forgot what it was

      6) Have you had any experience with being a staff member on a server? If so, what role did you have and how can you use that experience to help you now? If the answer is no, what experience have you had that would make you a great addition to the team? I was helper on a Skyblock dedicated server which doesn't exist anymore, and my job was to just help people, If someone asked a question i would be right on it to go help them. I would also check up on people's island warps ask if they need help and i had my own colourful Welcome message for when ever people joined so it looked nice and make them feel welcomed

      7) Why do you think you deserve a position as a Helper? I think i would help out the server with expanding and making sure people playing have a good time and enjoy their server because they know what to do, i always help new people start islands and i answer questions for people that they ask sometimes when a helper doesn't (not naming names xD), like the story i told on question 5 i just want to help because i remember when i first started Skyblock i was quite the noob but the support from staff i got was overwhelming. I am also on most of the time when no other staff are because they have different schedules like different working hours kind of for minecraft

      8) SCENARIO: Somebody messaged you in-game saying that a hacker has just killed them. What would you do? Question them with: What happened? Who was it? What hacks did they use? What do you have to prove it? Also report them to a higher ranked member of staff to look further into it in case they could be a threat to the servers and other players around him because if we just left it we don't want to know what would happen.

      9) SCENARIO: What if you witnessed a player breaking the rules in the chat. (ex. they started spamming or excessively cursing) You warn them to please stop, but they continue breaking the rules. What would you do? Mute them if possible, have a 1 on 1 conversation about what they are risking and what could happen if they carry on, then possibly ban them if it is needed, however if they stopped when asked but came back and pursued to carry on breaking the rules i would bring in a higher ranked member of staff (if free at the time) just to show them what they are doing is seriously bad

      10) Have you made any applications for Helper here on DragonRaids before? If so, how many? When is the last time you applied? Yes, i made a previous one which was this however i read the feed back and expanded most of my answers now i am confident in this new one

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