Scheduled Maintenance 26th July 2017 (10pm EST / 2am GMT)

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    UPDATE: This maintenance has happened 2 hours earlier than planned!
    Hello guys, so it's finally time! After several complaints from players in the USA that the server was "lagging" or had high "latency", I decided to move the server hosting to a much friendly place, America! Specifically, we are moving to Beauharnois in Canada, however it is super close to NYC. Eventhough in the short-term this may not be the best decision, in the long-term it will definitely be best! Currently, the server hosting was in Gravelines, France, close to the UK. I didn't take into consideration that the majority of my players will, most probably, be from the USA! Players near the UK have a very fast connection however those connecting to the server from CERTAIN parts of the US do have a high ping. Once the transfer is done there should be no issues with players connection or anything on the lines of that! I have spoke to several other server owners and they have all recommended me to move the hosting!

    What will this mean for me, as a player?

    The server will be closed for scheduled maintenance at 10pm EST, or if you are from the UK, 2am. This time has been chosen because it is the best of both countries, hopefully, most of the American, and definitely the UK players will be asleep during that time! It might be a little inconvenient for other players that play from elsewhere but I can assure you, once this is complete, it would be am much better place for everyone to play in!

    Will I lose my items?

    No, nothing will change, everything will stay the same!

    When will this scheduled maintenance take place?

    10pm EST / 2am GMT
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