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    Hello everyone, finally came around to being able to post this, sorry for the delay, been working on multiple things. As always, the last month has been very stressful for me, lots of new features being added and a bunch of bugs/glitches that were fixed. In this thread I'll explain everything that I've done over the past month. If you feel like I have I have missed something, please do make sure to PM me and I'll have it fixed. As always, thank you guys for supporting the server, there's a lot more to come in the near future!

    1. DragonTokens

    Probably the most recent and biggest feature to be released this month, for you guys who don't know what dragon tokens is, dragon tokens is an alternative currency that can be used to purchase items from the store, in-game. This is targeted to those who maybe can't buy anything from the store for any reason, I always wanted to promote the "play to win" feature and I believe this will strongly accomplish that. I have a lot of things to the current store but I am still in the process of completing it, I am planning on adding items and perks that are only exclusive to the dragon tokens store, hopefully this will allow every player to use the shop rather than just a few. DragonTokens is also available in the store for those who do not want to work for it. There are multiple ways of obtaining dragon tokens in-game, the biggest being the koth loot (which will be revamped today), crates, and voting! They will be very easy to access which is the main thing that I wanted when making this plugin. If you think you have a way of improving the dragon tokens plugin or if you feel like you have a suggestion for this, please do not hesistate to contact me and I'll see what I can do!

    2. Crates Re-vamp

    Throughout this month I have taken it upon myself to re-vamp all the crates to accommodate for the release of new features and items. They should include new items such as dragon tokens and also snowballs (which will be explain down below). I am also planning on re-vamping multiple other things such as koth loot and supply crates, do expect these to be complete within the next few weeks.

    3. VIP / Member rank

    I have decided to change how the ranking system works slightly, before the Member rank was available for 1m and had several features such as a designated kit and additional homes/pv. However, I've decided to make the Member rank accessible to all members who have registered on the website, I am trying to populate the website a little more and I strongly believe that this will make players do that. I have taken away the perks of Member and I have assigned it to the new rank which I have added called "VIP", this will essentially be the replacement of Member, it will cost 1m in game and will have several features such as a coloured tag, kits and several perks that will be complete within the new few days.

    4. TPS Issues

    During the past month there has been a few tps drops causing severe lag on the server, after doing some testing I have found the root of the cause, it was faction claiming. To prevent this I have added a 3 min delay to /f claim [radius] and /f unclaimall.

    5. New Head-Hunting plugin

    We now have a brand new head hunting plugin with new custom features! Previously, with the head loot plugin that we used to have, upon killing a player you would get their head, and then have an option to sell their head for 5% of their balance. However, in this new plugin, upon killing a player you will automatically receive 5%-10% of their balance and their head, that way you won't have to give up their head in order to receive their money.

    6. Horizontal Genbuckets

    Apart from dragon tokens, this is probably the 2nd biggest feature to be added this month. After several enquiries about when this will be complete I finally managed to get this released! Horizontal genbuckets are pretty self explanatory, they are like genbuckets but instead of working vertically they work horizontally.

    Smaller updates:
    • We have a new server icon
    • New colours in /f top to make it much more appealing
    • Bots have been removed
    • Dragon shop has been added to "/shop"
    • Removed player vaults from the store
    • Top play time has been removed due to the intensity of the plugin
    • Boat usage has been disabled on the server after a bug that was found
    • /tptoggle has been added to all players to prevent people from spam requesting
    • Server will now automatically restart every 6 hours
    • Approved our very first JR-Mod @AcidicCat
    • The creeper explosion glitch has been fixed
    • /features have been updated
    • Added lore to the starter and weekly kit
    • @Caskaded and @Sheccid have been approved as JR-Helper
    • new random spawner graphics has been added to the store
    • Added a chat reaction plugin to make the chat more interactive
    • Sponges have changed from a 5 block radius to a 2 block radius
    • Made a new server banner
    • Fixed an issue regarding lava sponges
    • Updated /warp staff
    • Horizontal genbuckets are now released!
    • "Dragon Wings" has now been released
    • New /warp crates room
    • Added a new /faq plugin for new players not sure how to start
    • Sand genbuckets bug has been fixed
    • Tab colours have been fixed
    • Added new auto broadcasts for the new features
    • Mobs will now stack at 256 instead of 64
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