Monthly Update #4 l Cannons & Minor Bugs

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    Hello guys, sorry for not posting another one of these threads much earlier! I simply didn't have the time to do this, seriously, I didn't lol. Due to this reason, I've decided to change the "weekly updates" thread into a much more convienient "monthly updates" thread. Due to this happening only once a month, do expect the threads being in much more detail and do expect a lot more updates! I always announce daily updates on the discord so please do ensure that you join there if you haven't already, we have daily calls with the community and just talk about things :p!
    Anyway, back to the main reason for making this, over this past month I have made endless of amounts of changes to the server, too many to count! I won't be including ALL of them as some of them were behind the scenes but I will include the updates that will directly affect your gameplay! I'm sure that's all you care about anyway! To summarise this entire thread into a simple sentence, the biggest updates this month was fixing the lag, cannon mechanics and store graphics on the server, all of which have been (almost) done. Now, let's get into the meat of the topic, the updates, here are some of things I have been working on this month, (if you see something that I've missed out, just PM me and I'll include it)

    1. The lag spikes

    This was the biggest thing that drove me absolutely insane! Over the past few days or so the server experienced some lag spikes, it would last for about 1 min or so before going back to normal, or it would just completely crash the server! I spent about a week trying to figure out what it was but I simply had no idea. So I got in touch with a setup specialist who helped me go through every error on the server and see if changing them helped anything, at first nothing helped, but after about 20 attempts, things were starting to improve. It wasn't anything big, but it was lots of small issues that contributed to the bigger issue, after fixing the small issue, the lag spikes have finally stopped. I have probably fixed about 90% of all the minor issues regarding lag spikes, so it should be fine. If you're wondering what it was causing the lag, it was the hoppers transferring too much in a short duration and some other technical thing that I have no idea about.

    2. Cannons

    Cannons have always been an issue on dragonraids, I've reached out to multiple people to help me try fix the issue but after multiple attempts, none of which worked. However, a few days ago, I got in touch with someone that managed to fix the cannon mechanics on the server! There are bound to be a few more smaller issues, but all of these will be fixed by the individual who has helped me! So do expect changes to made regarding cannons within the next following days! Hopefully, I won't have to deal with cannons ever again after this, I hope not!

    3. Head-Hunting

    Over the course of the month, I have always been thinking of what new features I could potentially add to the server, after speaking to a few staff members, I have decided to add head-hunting! This allows you sell a users head for 5% of their balance! You can get a players head from simply killing a player, the drop chances are 100%! I thought that this will make PVP a lot more interesting and it sure has!

    4. Store Graphics

    This is something that has been ongoing throughout the whole month, I am currently in the process of re-vamping all the server icons in the store to make them more custom to the server. This will take several months to complete. If you want to see the new graphics, just go through the store!

    5. Server Crash

    Alongside the lag, the server started to randomly crash every now and then. After doing some research and after speaking to a few players, I came to my conclusion that it wasn't lag related. I managed to figure out that the crash was caused by a hack client that was causing the server to deal with mass packets being sent at it essentially causing the server to overload and restart. I have implemented a fix that has prevented any user to do this. Anyone who attempts to harm the server will be permenantly banned from the server!

    Smaller updates:
    • Iron Golems now drop iron ingots as normal, but don't drop poppies
    • Splash potions can now be used in the warzone
    • Lava sponges have been disabled till further notice
    • New TNTFill plugin added to make it much easier for players to use!
    • Added more spawners in the "spawner" section of the store
    • World borders should now be fixed
    • The world's are now all filled which means that there are no new chunks, this prevents lag.
    • There is a new welcome message that shows that no of unique players that joined the server
    • /warp Ranks has been revamped
    • There are new PVP messages to make it much more appealing in chat
    • /warp repair and /warp info have been revamped by @Carcroft
    • Bounty has been removed from the server and head hunting has been added
    • Lottery has been removed from the server
    • Added a new regulation where you must have Noble+ to apply for Helper
    • Added "Coloured Chat" in the store
    • Kits for demon and dragonlord should now be fixed
    • Staff have been assigned their designated rank on the website
    • You can now get a direct link to apply to staff in game using /apply
    • You can now view your faction top ranking in chat
    • All ranks above baron are now longer subject to the 2s delay in chat
    • I have removed the cool down on /feed
    • Removed the HarvesterHoe plugin
    • Rank homes should now be fixed
    • top playtime and vote top rewards have been handed out this month! please check below to see the winners!
    • Removed "player vaults" from the perk section in store
    • Fixed some colour issues in the teleportation requests
    • Approved 2 new helpers @FancySloth @Possibly_Panda
    • Myself and @Have_Some_Milk hosted a karaoke event, 15 took part, including myself. Caskade won the competition!
    • Added new auto broadcasts regarding the head hunting!
    Here are the top voters of September!

    If you're one of the top voters and have not received your prize from a member of the management team please private message one of us either on the forums or discord.


    1st. Possibly_Panda - 150 Votes ($25 store voucher)
    2nd. UnrealOB - 137 Votes ($15 store voucher)
    3rd. Player04 - 136 Votes ($5 store voucher)
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    Lol, i only had 121 votes total, counting my playero4 tally and the caskaded tally

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