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    Hello guys, as many of you know, most the top server factions have been raided over the past few days on DragonRaids, this was due to a minor bug that was found in the world border, due to the major consequences this has had on the server, I have no other option but to reset the map. This reset will take place soon, I have no exact time for that but I will soon add a count down timer to this thread regarding that.

    The bug was where players were able to enderpearl through the border, and then use another enderpearl to teleport themselves into the base. Due to the mass amounts of people that was affected by this, I had no other choice but to this, in order to gain players back and to prevent this from happening again, I will have this fixed this next map and I will ensure that in the day of the opening, all players will receive a royal crate key every hour of playing for the first day! Also, to make up for this, the rate at which ores and spawners are generated will double in this map, which means you are twice as likely to find ores and spawners! On top of this, there will no issue with spawners, all the spawners found will be at their original state instead of them being pig spawners. Also, instead of the overworld being 10k x 10k, the new map will be even bigger and be 15k x 15k, which will allow for a lot more space for players!

    Since we have only opened 9 days ago, the faction top prizes will not be given out this reset, but will be given once this map is over, which is likely to be near the 4/5 months region.

    There have been also a lot of other glitches in this map, one being where players will get "trapped" or "glitches" in villages, this would be troubling as I had to manually teleport them away from the location. Another glitch that was discovered by the players was an issue with faction fly, I don't really want to go into detail regarding that, but from this next map onwards, faction fly will be disabled. So, in other words, this map reset was not only due to the minor bug that was found, but because of this villager issue where players would get stuck. In the long run, this will have many benefits as I won't have to worry about players being stuck anymore.

    What will reset in this next map?
    • The economy / MCMMO Levels
    • The map itself
    • The warzone
    • Faction fly will be disabled
    • Enderpearling through the world border will be disabled
    • There will be a lot more players playing this next map, so expect to see more strong factions!
    • Some custom enchants that are PVP related is mostly likely to be nerfed!
    • A brand-new factions plugin that will allow users to set permissions etc
    What will remain the same in this next map?
    • All ranks / permissions / perks / items from the donation store
    • The spawn will remain the same
    • Crate items in both /warp crates and the envoy will be different and more fair
    • The economy will have minor changes to allow new players to make money faster

    What will happen now on the server?
    • An envoy event will start every 30 minutes regardless of how many players are online
    As always, there will be a grace period of 5 days when the map starts, bitch claiming will not be allowed during this time. One faction per corner.

    If you have any questions regarding the reset, please comment your enquiry below and I will have it addressed as soon as possible.
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    What items would be in the envoy?
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    Could someone explain the idea of an envoy? what is it?
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    An envoy is like a period of time every 2 hours on the server that a few chests spawn in the warzone in spawn. You collect these chests for loot, but you are risking yourself into pvp. You need players Minimim to start an envoy.
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