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    Information For Application:

    • What is your Minecraft username?


    • What is your timezone?
    CST (Central Standard Time)

    • How old are you?
    23 Years of Age (Born in the good ol' 90s!)

    • How long have you played on this server?

    After checking, it said I've spent 40 hours on the server thus far.

    • Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone?

    I certainly do. Both.

    Continued Information for Application:
    1) Do you have a donator rank on the server? [Which if any]
    Baron. I was happy to assist the progress of the server.

    2) How much time can you usually contribute into staffing on the server?
    I work at a very computer savvy position currently at my career. I am able to multi-task, thus being on mine craft in THEORY, 12+ hours a day. I get home around 7pm, so there is about a two hour window in the evening (CST) I won't be on due to showering, eating, and preparing for bed.

    3) Have you ever been punished on this server? Have you ever been banned or punished on any other server? If so, please explain why you were.

    I have, and hopefully never will gotten in trouble on this or any other server. I am a very mindful person when it comes towards respect and I always give it even if not given in return.

    4) SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a Helper and you mute a well-known player for a justified reason. After muting said player, you get spammed with messages of players telling you to unmute him and that you’re not good at your job. What would you do in this situation?

    I have had this similar situation in another server I moderated for. I saw the player that was acting out, and upon telling them to please stop, 3 times, I temp muted them for 5 minutes. I was lashed at, and told I was a terrible moderator and that I would never become Head-Mod. I took screen shots of the entire situation, and in the end, I was proven to have done the correct thing for that situation. I continued to apologize to the people that were lashing out at me, but I did NOT mute them unless they began to break the rules. They mostly did it in /msg, so I was unable to do anything other than take screen shots and present it to the higher management.

    5) Tell us about a time you’ve ever made a mistake. (This can be in Minecraft or in real life) Explain how you made that mistake, how you fixed the mistake, and what you learned from it.

    Life is full of mistakes. How you deal with them is on you, and if it betters you as a person. I have made many mistakes in my trial of life. Whether it be with friendships, relationships, or education. For my first 2 years of college, I sort of flunked out. I didn't pay much tribute to my studies and I did not care that I was bombing my courses. However, as we speak, I am in business courses and I am making very good grades now. I've righted a wrong that I did, and I couldn't be more happy about it. My new goal is to get a solid, beautiful education.

    6) Have you had any experience with being a staff member on a server? If so, what role did you have and how can you use that experience to help you now? If the answer is no, what experience have you had that would make you a great addition to the team?

    I began as a Jr. Mod on a prison server called SanityPrison. I enjoyed every second of it. Of course, you must realize that as a moderator/helper you can be disliked because you are upholding the rules of the server. I learned to deal with toxicity, annoyance, and disdain in all of its forms. I also learned that screen shots and videos are the world's best friend when in a staff position. It not only helps you, but others as well. I used the knowledge that I gained from modding to help push me all the way up to Head-Moderator. I retired after a year of being in staffing on SanityPrison shortly before the server went down due to the owner not having any more time to run it. It was an amazing ride and so much fun.

    7) Why do you think you deserve a position as a Helper?

    I learn as I grow. I have learned to love Skyblock thanks to Dragonraids. I adore the server, and the community that it has created. I feel as if it could use a very active staffing member just watching to ensure the chat stays child friendly. I would love to assist in that department, and help keep the server happy, fun, and safe for all ages. My time is very flexible and I would enjoy the chance to dedicate it to Dragonraids.

    8) SCENARIO: Somebody messaged you in-game saying that a hacker has just killed them. What would you do?

    First. Ask them did they happened to get screen shot evidence or video. If they say yes, I would ask if they had skype, discord, or anything that they can show me the evidence.
    If they say they don't have any of that, I would kindly ask them to place a report on the forums using the attached evidence so that I may go and see it.
    If they post it up, I would urge a higher staff member to go and see it and they may determine what the hacker's fate is from there after I have looked at it and confirmed that something odd is going on.
    If they were unable to get said evidence I would progress my way to the area in which the 'hacker' is killing, take a screen shot/video of it (videos are best when dealing with hackers in my opinion) and then urge others not to confront him/her. I would take said evidence I compile and take it to the higher management immediately.

    9) SCENARIO: What if you witnessed a player breaking the rules in the chat. (ex. they started spamming or excessively cursing) You warn them to please stop, but they continue breaking the rules. What would you do?

    If there is temp muting, and if that is the first step in rule breaking, I would temp mute them for the allowed time. If there is just muting, I would screen shot what they did and then after warning them, I would mute them. I then would take said evidence to higher management for them to figure what they wish to do with the rule breaker.

    10) Have you made any applications for Helper here on DragonRaids before? If so, how many? When is the last time you applied?

    I have not. I was urged my Monji to consider being a helper. I would be happy to assist the server in any way it calls for me.

    11) Anything else that we should know about you?

    I am very dedicated to what I place my mind to. I spent many years roleplaying on official forums, so I am very word-heavy as well. I enjoy writing in my past time, and one day I surely hope to publish one of my works.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.
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    find me ingame

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