August Announcement Pt.2| Map 3 Release & New Features

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    Hello everyone! I know I haven't posted here for a while but I have a really reasonable answer to this, as most of you know, I've devoted the past 2-3 weeks working on the new map! I'm very excited to say that today, or well yesterday, was the release of this map and you guys beat my expectations! We had a great opening and had many players on! There was a few altercations regarding the faction plugin so we had to quickly return back to the previous plugin, but luckily the sever was back up within a few mins! Now, let's get to the part that you guys are actually interested to see. A new map means new features; here are a few things that will be implemented this map!

    1. Scaffolding

    Some of you guys may not know what scaffolding is, maybe you heard of it but never came across it before, well, its now time to! Here at dragonraids, we have our own custom plugin that allows users to generate walls upwards. These scaffolds will generate walls much faster than genbuckets and are completely bug-free. Scaffolding is purchasable through the server /shop as shown below! It can also be bought in bulk as shown below also.

    Live preview of how scaffold works:

    1.1 Bulk genbucket purchases
    In the previous map we've had multiple complaints that genbuckets were too long to buy especially if a player wanted to buy purchase more than a stack, to make things a lot easier for players, I have added the option to purchase genbuckets in bulk. Also, another side note, /genbuckets no longer exists and it has been moved to /shop instead.


    2. /features
    Ever had a new player join and ask for features of the server, or asks what makes the server unique and you find it very hard to think about what you could say? Well, you longer have to! I have implemented /features to list all the custom plugins/features that we have on dragonraids! Hover over each icon to reveal more information! Here is how the GUI looks!


    3. Crate Keys
    After high demand, crate keys are now purchasable with in-game currency. Please note that they are intentionally very costly and are only targeted to those who really cannot purchase it from the server store! You can view the GUI in-game using /cratekeys


    4. Complete rank revamp!
    Map 2 was cut short and was only open for just over a month due to the unfairness of PVP. This main reason behind this was due to the presence of custom enchants. Due to this reason, in the current map, I have re-vamped all the kits, and also completely removed custom enchants from the server! The max protection is now 12, rather than 35.
    5. Block / Filter
    Ever went mining and found it extremely annoying throwing out the cobblestone every few minutes? Well, in map 3, we have a very effective solution to that! With the custom filter plugin that we've developed, you can now decide what item NOT to pick up! You can use this in game, by doing /block add [blockname] or simply doing /block to list all the commands that you can do.


    6. Random Spawners
    We've added a new feature in the store that will add a very nice gambling aspect to getting spawners. If you purchase the "random spawner" from the store, you will have access to use /randomspawner every 24h which will guarantee you a spawner everyday! All the spawners have a equal chance of being chosen which means you are just as likely to obtain a pig spawner than you are an iron golem spawner! Here's a picture of the GUI


    6. JellyLegs

    Just a small update regarding jelly legs, if you have jelly legs enabled, then you won't take any fall damage if you happen to log off whilst flying.

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  2. Oooo I like what you've added Monjii! Its pretty neat what you did with that /features. I didn't know what scaffolding was but it seems pretty cool

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