Hello everyone, finally came around to being able to post this, sorry for the delay, been working on multiple things. As always, the last month has been very stressful for me, lots of new features being added and a bunch of bugs/glitches that were fixed. In this thread I'll explain everything that I've done over the past month. If you feel like I have I have missed something, please do make sure to PM me and I'll have it fixed. As always, thank you guys for supporting the server, there's a lot more to come in the near future!

1. DragonTokens

Probably the most recent and biggest feature to be released this month, for you guys who don't know what dragon tokens is, dragon tokens is an alternative currency that can be used to purchase items from the store, in-game. This is targeted to those who maybe can't buy anything from the store for any reason, I always wanted to promote the "play to win" feature and I believe this will strongly accomplish that. I have a lot of things to the current store but I am still in the process of completing it, I am planning on adding items and perks that are only exclusive to the dragon tokens store, hopefully this will allow every player to use the shop rather than just a few. DragonTokens is also available in the store for those who do not want to work for it. There are multiple ways of obtaining dragon tokens in-game, the biggest being the koth loot (which will be revamped today), crates, and voting! They will be very easy to access which is the main thing that I wanted when making this plugin. If you think you have a way of improving the dragon tokens plugin or if you feel like you have a suggestion for this, please do not hesistate to contact me and I'll see what I can do!

2. Crates Re-vamp

Throughout this month I have taken it upon myself to re-vamp all the crates to accommodate for the release of new features and items. They should include new items such as dragon tokens and also snowballs (which will be explain down below). I am also planning on re-vamping multiple other things such as koth loot and supply crates, do expect these to be complete within the next few weeks.

3. VIP / Member rank

I have decided to change how the ranking system works slightly, before the Member rank was available for 1m and had several features such as a designated kit and additional homes/pv. However, I've decided to make the Member rank accessible to all members who have registered on the website, I am trying to populate the website a little more and I strongly believe that this will make players do that. I have taken away the perks of Member and I have assigned it to the new rank which I have added called "VIP", this will essentially be the replacement of Member, it will cost 1m in game and will have several features such as a coloured tag, kits and several perks that will be complete within the new few days.

4. TPS Issues

During the past month there has been a few tps drops causing severe lag on the server, after doing some testing I have found the root of the cause, it was faction claiming. To prevent this I have added a 3 min delay to /f claim [radius] and /f unclaimall.

5. New Head-Hunting plugin

We now have a brand new head hunting plugin with new custom features! Previously, with the head loot plugin that we used to have, upon killing a player you would get their head, and then have an option to sell their head for 5% of their balance. However, in this new plugin, upon killing a player you will automatically receive 5%-10% of their balance and their head, that way you won't have to give up their head in order to receive their money.

6. Horizontal Genbuckets

Apart from dragon tokens, this is probably the 2nd biggest feature to be added this month. After several enquiries about when this will be complete I finally managed to get this released! Horizontal genbuckets are pretty self explanatory, they are like genbuckets but instead of working vertically they work horizontally.

Smaller updates:
  • We have a new server icon
  • New colours in /f top to make it much more appealing
  • Bots have been removed
  • Dragon shop has been added to "/shop"
  • Removed player vaults from the store
  • Top play time has been removed due to the intensity of the plugin
  • Boat usage has been disabled on the server after a bug that was found
  • /tptoggle has been added to all players to prevent people from spam requesting
  • Server will now automatically restart every 6 hours
  • Approved our very first JR-Mod @AcidicCat
  • The creeper explosion glitch has been fixed
  • /features have been updated
  • Added lore to the starter and weekly kit
  • @Caskaded and @Sheccid have been approved as JR-Helper
  • new random spawner graphics has been added to the store
  • Added a chat reaction plugin to make the chat more interactive
  • Sponges have changed from a 5 block radius to a 2 block radius
  • Made a new server banner
  • Fixed an issue regarding lava sponges
  • Updated /warp staff
  • Horizontal genbuckets are now released!
  • "Dragon Wings" has now been released
  • New /warp crates room
  • Added a new /faq plugin for new players not sure how to start
  • Sand genbuckets bug has been fixed
  • Tab colours have been fixed
  • Added new auto broadcasts for the new features
  • Mobs will now stack at 256 instead of 64
Hello guys, sorry for not posting another one of these threads much earlier! I simply didn't have the time to do this, seriously, I didn't lol. Due to this reason, I've decided to change the "weekly updates" thread into a much more convienient "monthly updates" thread. Due to this happening only once a month, do expect the threads being in much more detail and do expect a lot more updates! I always announce daily updates on the discord so please do ensure that you join there if you haven't already, we have daily calls with the community and just talk about things :p!
Anyway, back to the main reason for making this, over this past month I have made endless of amounts of changes to the server, too many to count! I won't be including ALL of them as some of them were behind the scenes but I will include the updates that will directly affect your gameplay! I'm sure that's all you care about anyway! To summarise this entire thread into a simple sentence, the biggest updates this month was fixing the lag, cannon mechanics and store graphics on the server, all of which have been (almost) done. Now, let's get into the meat of the topic, the updates, here are some of things I have been working on this month, (if you see something that I've missed out, just PM me and I'll include it)

1. The lag spikes

This was the biggest thing that drove me absolutely insane! Over the past few days or so the server experienced some lag spikes, it would last for about 1 min or so before going back to normal, or it would just completely crash the server! I spent about a week trying to figure out what it was but I simply had no idea. So I got in touch with a setup specialist who helped me go through every error on the server and see if changing them helped anything, at first nothing helped, but after about 20 attempts, things were starting to improve. It wasn't anything big, but it was lots of small issues that contributed to the bigger issue, after fixing the small issue, the lag spikes have finally stopped. I have probably fixed about 90% of all the minor issues regarding lag spikes, so it should be fine. If you're wondering what it was causing the lag, it was the hoppers transferring too much in a short duration and some other technical thing that I have no idea about.

2. Cannons

Cannons have always been an issue on dragonraids, I've reached out to multiple people to help me try fix the issue but after multiple attempts, none of which worked. However, a few days ago, I got in touch with someone that managed to fix the cannon mechanics on the server! There are bound to be a few more smaller issues, but all of these will be fixed by the individual who has helped me! So do expect changes to made regarding cannons within the next following days! Hopefully, I won't have to deal with cannons ever again after this, I hope not!

3. Head-Hunting

Over the course of the month, I have always been thinking of what new features I could potentially add to the server, after speaking to a few staff members, I have decided to add head-hunting! This allows you sell a users head for 5% of their balance! You can get a players head from simply killing a player, the drop chances are 100%! I thought that this will make PVP a lot more interesting and it sure has!

4. Store Graphics

This is something that has been ongoing throughout the whole month, I am currently in the process of re-vamping all the server icons in the store to make them more custom to the server. This will take several months to complete. If you want to see the new graphics, just go through the store!

5. Server Crash

Alongside the lag, the server started to randomly crash every now and then. After doing some research and after speaking to a few players, I came to my conclusion that it wasn't lag related. I managed to figure out that the crash was caused by a hack client that was causing the server to deal with mass packets being sent at it essentially causing the server to overload and restart. I have implemented a fix that has prevented any user to do this. Anyone who attempts to harm the server will be permenantly banned from the server!

Smaller updates:
  • Iron Golems now drop iron ingots as normal, but don't drop poppies
  • Splash potions can now be used in the warzone
  • Lava sponges have been disabled till further notice
  • New TNTFill plugin added to make it much easier for players to use!
  • Added more spawners in the "spawner" section of the store
  • World borders should now be fixed
  • The world's are now all filled which means that there are no new chunks, this prevents lag.
  • There is a new welcome message that shows that no of unique players that joined the server
  • /warp Ranks has been revamped
  • There are new PVP messages to make it much more appealing in chat
  • /warp repair and /warp info have been revamped by @Carcroft
  • Bounty has been removed from the server and head hunting has been added
  • Lottery has been removed from the server
  • Added a new regulation where you must have Noble+ to apply for Helper
  • Added "Coloured Chat" in the store
  • Kits for demon and dragonlord should now be fixed
  • Staff have been assigned their designated rank on the website
  • You can now get a direct link to apply to staff in game using /apply
  • You can now view your faction top ranking in chat
  • All ranks above baron are now longer subject to the 2s delay in chat
  • I have removed the cool down on /feed
  • Removed the HarvesterHoe plugin
  • Rank homes should now be fixed
  • top playtime and vote top rewards have been handed out this month! please check below to see the winners!
  • Removed "player vaults" from the perk section in store
  • Fixed some colour issues in the teleportation requests
  • Approved 2 new helpers @FancySloth @Possibly_Panda
  • Myself and @Have_Some_Milk hosted a karaoke event, 15 took part, including myself. Caskade won the competition!
  • Added new auto broadcasts regarding the head hunting!
Here are the top voters of September!

If you're one of the top voters and have not received your prize from a member of the management team please private message one of us either on the forums or discord.


1st. Possibly_Panda - 150 Votes ($25 store voucher)
2nd. UnrealOB - 137 Votes ($15 store voucher)
3rd. Player04 - 136 Votes ($5 store voucher)

Hello guys! Yes I know what you're thinking, weekly update? More like yearly update ....
I haven't been posting much of these on the website but I have certainly been making daily updates on the discord "announcement" section; I felt really guilty about neglecting the announcement section on the website so I promised myself to do these more often as I always kept putting the website weekly update on the bottom of the to-do list. The majority of the things listed below won't really be anything "new" as most of you are active on the discord but for those who are not active, I will be recapping all the changes made in the last few weeks.

Before I do start with the thread I would just like to talk a little to you guys! I would like to personally thank every single one of you guys for being part of the DragonRaids community, never have I thought that I would come to a stage like this so early. However that being said, we still have a long way to go and I have been working hard everyday to ensure that new features are being added and bugs are fixed! All of these will be evident below, I couldn't do this without you guys pointing out issues, so shoutout to all you players who have been helping me!

Whats been added/fixed?
  • Added a new "Member" rank for those who cannot donate and really don't like the "Peasant" tag. Right now the only thing that the Member rank has is simply the tag, however in the near future I will be adding certain perks and kits to it to make it much more appealing. It is currently 500k at /warp Member. This is not targeted to those who already have a rank, so if you do have a rank, please do not purchase this.
  • I have added a new rule against cobble monsters, some of you guys may be wondering, why is this not allowed, it's allowed on most servers? Well, cobble monsters do cause a lot of lag, and I personally think that it is really unfair to "lag" out another player by simply placing a few water and lava blocks. In the future this may change once we have a slightly better host, but I don't see this changing anytime soon.
  • There has been a few bugs with genbuckets not working as they should when being obtained from /kit base or from the monthly crate, I got a few reports that they were defective and were just essentially lava buckets. I have fixed this issue! Took me a while but happy it's fixed lol!
  • All the commands such as /store, /website and /discord should be a lot more professional, I really didn't like the old look of it and it didn't stand out from the chat as much, hopefully you guys enjoy the new look as much as I do.
  • The majority of you guys wanted an option to repair your tools, due to this reason I have added an option to repair hand and repair all at /warp Repair. Just a side note, these are not cheap and it was intentionally done to balance out the economy.
  • I have added a new /warp pvparena - you may be wondering why I have done this as we already have a /warp pvp, I did this purely for those who don't have the best framerate, the spawn and especially the warzone is very intensive and can easily cause a player lag, essentially causing them to die when fighting another player. /warp pvparena is in a different world and away from all the lag, hopefully it should be a much more fps friendly place to fight!
  • I have fixed a small bug where you couldn't do /f top [page]! Thanks to Dori_Mon.
  • I have also added obsidian and TNT to each of the kits!
  • Enderpearls can no longer be used in KoTH
  • The majority of you guys have been complaining that the it was extremely hard to find supply crates in the warzone, so due to that reason, I have increased the amount of crates being spawned in the warzone from 18 to 30. Also, they will all spawn randomly unlike the previous map, so they will never be in the same position
  • I wanted to add new things to the crates as I personally find them a little dull. So I decided to add protection crystals to make them much more appealing! I may add a few items if you guys have any other suggestions!
  • A new /randomspawner feature has been added where you could get a random spawner every 24h if you purchase this perk from the store! All the spawners are equally as likely to be chosen! So, you are equally as likely to get a pig spawner as you are an iron golem spawner
  • You can now view your ping in the tab, this was added after various complaints that /ping didn't really show the actual ping of the player but instead just a "Pong"
  • /creeper has been disabled for a few days, or at least till I find a developer who can remake the plugin.
  • I have added a new requirement that in order to have your own discord voice and chat channel you MUST have 100m f top value and at LEAST 3 active members!
  • Increased the number of KoTH events happening per day from 1 to 3
  • I have added a new /warp Enchants where you can purchase high level protection/sharpness/looting enchantments that you can't normally get through enchanting!
Hello everyone! I know I haven't posted here for a while but I have a really reasonable answer to this, as most of you know, I've devoted the past 2-3 weeks working on the new map! I'm very excited to say that today, or well yesterday, was the release of this map and you guys beat my expectations! We had a great opening and had many players on! There was a few altercations regarding the faction plugin so we had to quickly return back to the previous plugin, but luckily the sever was back up within a few mins! Now, let's get to the part that you guys are actually interested to see. A new map means new features; here are a few things that will be implemented this map!

1. Scaffolding

Some of you guys may not know what scaffolding is, maybe you heard of it but never came across it before, well, its now time to! Here at dragonraids, we have our own custom plugin that allows users to generate walls upwards. These scaffolds will generate walls much faster than genbuckets and are completely bug-free. Scaffolding is purchasable through the server /shop as shown below! It can also be bought in bulk as shown below also.

Live preview of how scaffold works:

1.1 Bulk genbucket purchases
In the previous map we've had multiple complaints that genbuckets were too long to buy especially if a player wanted to buy purchase more than a stack, to make things a lot easier for players, I have added the option to purchase genbuckets in bulk. Also, another side note, /genbuckets no longer exists and it has been moved to /shop instead.


2. /features
Ever had a new player join and ask for features of the server, or asks what makes the server unique and you find it very hard to think about what you could say? Well, you longer have to! I have implemented /features to list all the custom plugins/features that we have on dragonraids! Hover over each icon to reveal more information! Here is how the GUI looks!


3. Crate Keys
After high demand, crate keys are now purchasable with in-game currency. Please note that they are intentionally very costly and are only targeted to those who really cannot purchase it from the server store! You can view the GUI in-game using /cratekeys


4. Complete rank revamp!
Map 2 was cut short and was only open for just over a month due to the unfairness of PVP. This main reason behind this was due to the presence of custom enchants. Due to this reason, in the current map, I have re-vamped all the kits, and also completely removed custom enchants from the server! The max protection is now 12, rather than 35.
5. Block / Filter
Ever went mining and found it extremely annoying throwing out the cobblestone every few minutes? Well, in map 3, we have a very effective solution to that! With the custom filter plugin that we've developed, you can now decide what item NOT to pick up! You can use this in game, by doing /block add [blockname] or simply doing /block to list all the commands that you can do.


6. Random Spawners
We've added a new feature in the store that will add a very nice gambling aspect to getting spawners. If you purchase the "random spawner" from the store, you will have access to use /randomspawner every 24h which will guarantee you a spawner everyday! All the spawners have a equal chance of being chosen which means you are just as likely to obtain a pig spawner than you are an iron golem spawner! Here's a picture of the GUI


6. JellyLegs

Just a small update regarding jelly legs, if you have jelly legs enabled, then you won't take any fall damage if you happen to log off whilst flying.

20 Chunk Buffer Limit
Hello everyone, so starting from today, I will be imposing a 20 Chunk buffer limit to all factions. Don't worry if you don't know what this means, I just found out about this today, lol! A buffer is claims of land owned by your faction or an allied faction to have to ability to build walls to defend your base and increase the shooting distance required on a cannon.

This is a diagram to explain how it works:

P.S Ignore where it says invisibility.
Essentially, what the diagram above is showing is 20 chunks from either side of the base. To put this into perspective, this is essentially 160 walls, or 320 blocks.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a buffer?
A buffer is claims of land owned by your faction or an allied faction to have to ability to build walls to defend your base and increase the shooting distance required on a cannon.

If we have a large base, does it effect the amount of walls we can have?
No, the buffer starts counting from the edge of your base wall. not the base itself.

How many walls can we fit in 20 chunks?
Each chunk is 16 x 16 blocks wide, standard cobblestone walls take up 2 blocks. 8 walls per chunk which totals to 160 walls maximum.

What happens if we claim over the limit?
First offence: A Staff member will kick any leaders/officers that are online with a message to unclaim any chunks over the limit.
Second offence: your faction will be disbanded.
Attempting to bypass the rule by making fake factions or working with another faction and pretending to be enemies to increase your claim on the end of your buffer will result in an immediate disband.

It is your responsibility as a faction owner/officer to make sure you are following this rule.

Can our allies build a base next to us?

Yes, although you must leave a 5 chunk gap between the end of your claims and the start of your allies claims, you cannot merge them together to over-ride the 20 chunk limit.
Top Voters
Congratulations to this months top voters! These players have voted their hearts out supporting the server and in return they will receive store credit as a thank you from us. If you were on our top voters leaderboard this month you will be contacted.

1st - Player04 - 128 Votes (25$)
2nd - Naeem100 - 98 Votes (15$)
3rd - TC_NightSlashMC - 87 Votes (5$)

Staff Promotions, Demotions and Recruitment
Changes have been made this month for the staff side of things! From now, all applications that have not been approved will be denied at the end of every month. This will ultimately mean, if you haven't been approved throughout the month already, you will have to make another application at the start of the next month. This will prevent endless waiting times, also, I will personally give a constructive comment on each application when I do deny it so you can know what you are doing wrong or right.

UPDATE: This maintenance has happened 2 hours earlier than planned!
Hello guys, so it's finally time! After several complaints from players in the USA that the server was "lagging" or had high "latency", I decided to move the server hosting to a much friendly place, America! Specifically, we are moving to Beauharnois in Canada, however it is super close to NYC. Eventhough in the short-term this may not be the best decision, in the long-term it will definitely be best! Currently, the server hosting was in Gravelines, France, close to the UK. I didn't take into consideration that the majority of my players will, most probably, be from the USA! Players near the UK have a very fast connection however those connecting to the server from CERTAIN parts of the US do have a high ping. Once the transfer is done there should be no issues with players connection or anything on the lines of that! I have spoke to several other server owners and they have all recommended me to move the hosting!

What will this mean for me, as a player?

The server will be closed for scheduled maintenance at 10pm EST, or if you are from the UK, 2am. This time has been chosen because it is the best of both countries, hopefully, most of the American, and definitely the UK players will be asleep during that time! It might be a little inconvenient for other players that play from elsewhere but I can assure you, once this is complete, it would be am much better place for everyone to play in!

Will I lose my items?

No, nothing will change, everything will stay the same!

When will this scheduled maintenance take place?

10pm EST / 2am GMT

Hello everyone! This week has been crazy! I've been working on a vast number of small things to improve the experience players have on the server! Again I'd like to thank everyone who's been participating and playing on the server, it's really appreciated. I've spoken to a few members of dragonraids about this, but I wanted to post something publicly about advertising. I am aware that the past few days has been a little quiet in terms of the amount of players that have been on, due to this, from the 1st August there will be an advertisement active that will ultimately cause a lot more users to be playing on the server! Due to this very reason, I have made a number of changes listed below

Here is a list of things that's been worked on this week:

Staff Promotions: In the past week or so, I have gone out of my way to ensure that the server has every timezone covered with a staff members. This was due to several complaints that when I was offline, a lot of the rule breakers did come on and make the experience unpleasant. Most of the members listed below are not on my timezone, apart from player. This is to ensure that the server is fully covered when I am offline. Staff applications will be closed for some time as all the positions for this have been taken.

The following members have been approved to staff:


Store: Over the past several days, there has been several sales to meet with the demand of the players, just yesterday there was a 60% sale that went successfully for the players. This will expire within a few hours, so if you would like to purchase something, please make sure you do it soon! After the 60% sale, it will go back down to 30%. On top of this, sales now longer take affect on the unbans/unmutes section, this is due to players taking advantage of this and breaking rules thinking they will be unbanned! Another thing that I have changed from the store was some of the permissions/kits from each of the donation ranks, all ranks should now have access to a much better /kit. I have also added protection crystals to the higher up ranks to make them more appealing. Moreover, I have implemented the "boosters" section where a player can purchase a booster, for example, x2 MCMMO, which will take affect for every player on the server.

Website: I have improved a few things on the website, I have added two new pages, stats and bans. This is to ensure that players can see who has been banned and for reason. The stats page is to rank every player against their stats to see who is, essentially, the best player on the server given a variable, such as balance or kills.

Factions: Many changes have been made to the factions plugin and also it's mechanics and the way it works, over the past few days, there has been a small bug where players could skip all the walls and access a faction through the roof of their base. I have disabled this from happening from adding multiple plugins to ensure that TNT does not explode over 255. Faction player limit has increased from 15 to 20. Scoreboard stats on the side of the screen has now been a lot easier to understand in terms of the stats that it shows regarding factions, land, claims etc. Faction warps have increased from 1 to 3, each costing 100k to make. Every warp you do costs 1k, this is to make this a little more balanced. On top of this, players can no longer use /esethome, /home, or /sethome in enemy territory, this was in high demand and therefore has been implemented.

Plugins: Over the past few days I have made several small
changes to plugins, such as the essentials worth, a few permission issues with dragonlord rank and much more. However, I have added several new plugins such as KoTH (king of the hill) and a gamble plugin that are both now public! The KoTH will happen on Friday and Saturday at 6pm EST, however for 2 weeks, starting today, KoTH will happen everyday, this is to ensure that there is no bugs or glitches! To checkout the new KoTH maps, use /warp koth. You can also gamble your cash at /warp gamble, speak to the villager for more information regarding this!

Here is the available KoTH loot you can win:


Other: Those who do not have the permission to break a spawner will not be able to break it. Before, players that didn't know a perk was required would break a spawner and get mad that they didn't know, however, now, when a player without the perk breaks it, it would say in chat that they need a perk from the store in order to break this, this has been implemented to prevent any confusion. Due to several altercations in the PVP tournament, I have added a new anti-cheat, this cheat has been in use for the past 3-4 days and has been doing amazing! I can see exactly who is x-raying, using kill aura, and much more! I also wanted to state that all faction top rewards will now be only be in buycraft, this is to prevent aggressive and toxic players from joining that only play for the money!

Important Information

Date: Sunday, July 16th
Time: 3PM Eastern Time

About the PvP Tournament
Welcome to DragonRaids first event for this map! It was decided in favour that this time around would be a PvP based event. We wanted it to be team based so what better way to do it then host a 2v2 PvP Tournament. This has been long requested and its finally here! All necessary information can be found below!

All gear is provided.

How To Enter
To enter the competition please post down in the comments below the following format with your information.
Team Name:
Your IGN:
Your team Member's IGN:

Additional Information
  • Teams can only be made up of two players
  • You can not use alts to participate twice in the event!
  • You will be allowed to spectate battles from the top of the arena
  • Staff will teleport teams into the battle grounds before the event.
  • Staff will be spectating players, Any form of hacked client will get you banned!
1st) $20 Store Credit for each team member
2nd) $10 Store Credit for each team member
3rd) $5 Store Credit for each team member
Prizes can be redeemed by @Monjii

1st) FadingMemory & Perfectice
2nd) Player04 & LouwQii
3rd) Tigerboy006 & ICallBs & Pen15Inspection & Overreaction

Hello guys, as many of you know, most the top server factions have been raided over the past few days on DragonRaids, this was due to a minor bug that was found in the world border, due to the major consequences this has had on the server, I have no other option but to reset the map. This reset will take place soon, I have no exact time for that but I will soon add a count down timer to this thread regarding that.

The bug was where players were able to enderpearl through the border, and then use another enderpearl to teleport themselves into the base. Due to the mass amounts of people that was affected by this, I had no other choice but to this, in order to gain players back and to prevent this from happening again, I will have this fixed this next map and I will ensure that in the day of the opening, all players will receive a royal crate key every hour of playing for the first day! Also, to make up for this, the rate at which ores and spawners are generated will double in this map, which means you are twice as likely to find ores and spawners! On top of this, there will no issue with spawners, all the spawners found will be at their original state instead of them being pig spawners. Also, instead of the overworld being 10k x 10k, the new map will be even bigger and be 15k x 15k, which will allow for a lot more space for players!

Since we have only opened 9 days ago, the faction top prizes will not be given out this reset, but will be given once this map is over, which is likely to be near the 4/5 months region.

There have been also a lot of other glitches in this map, one being where players will get "trapped" or "glitches" in villages, this would be troubling as I had to manually teleport them away from the location. Another glitch that was discovered by the players was an issue with faction fly, I don't really want to go into detail regarding that, but from this next map onwards, faction fly will be disabled. So, in other words, this map reset was not only due to the minor bug that was found, but because of this villager issue where players would get stuck. In the long run, this will have many benefits as I won't have to worry about players being stuck anymore.

What will reset in this next map?
  • The economy / MCMMO Levels
  • The map itself
  • The warzone
  • Faction fly will be disabled
  • Enderpearling through the world border will be disabled
  • There will be a lot more players playing this next map, so expect to see more strong factions!
  • Some custom enchants that are PVP related is mostly likely to be nerfed!
  • A brand-new factions plugin that will allow users to set permissions etc
What will remain the same in this next map?
  • All ranks / permissions / perks / items from the donation store
  • The spawn will remain the same
  • Crate items in both /warp crates and the envoy will be different and more fair
  • The economy will have minor changes to allow new players to make money faster

What will happen now on the server?
  • An envoy event will start every 30 minutes regardless of how many players are online
As always, there will be a grace period of 5 days when the map starts, bitch claiming will not be allowed during this time. One faction per corner.

If you have any questions regarding the reset, please comment your enquiry below and I will have it addressed as soon as possible.
The main focus for this weeks update was to make improvements to the server in anyway we could, this included the economy, adding new features, increasing the player base, and dealing with the more mechanical side of the server. I'd personally like to thank everyone who has been playing DragonRaids for the past week, we managed to have an amazing opening and it bypassed any expectations that I had! However, alongside this, there were a lot of problems that I was unaware of that you guys pointed out!

Here is a list of things that's been worked on this week:
  • Added a chat control plugin (during this past week we had a lot of players that were joining to spam, or to advertise, this has now been resolved as in order to chat, you have to move, so in implemented this, spambots are less likely to join the server)
  • Also during this week, we were ddos'd at one point, however, since we've an amazing host, the server is almost impossible to ddos the hardware, however ddos through a backdoor in one of the servers is possible, in this specific case they managed to find a backdoor, which was resolved shortly after, however to further extend the security on the hardware, we have installed a firewall.
  • I've changed the armour in the vote crate from Prot V, to Prot VI, this was after several complaints that the server was unbalanced and that the donation ranks got a lot of items, so by doing this it narrowed the gap.
  • Another way I have narrowed the gap between Peasants and other donation ranks is that I have added 2 set homes and a /pv. Playervault (/pv) is a virtual chest that only you can access, it's like an enderchest but it's virtual, so you can access it from anywhere on the server.
  • DragonPerks have been added to the store, this is a custom plugin exclusively made at DragonRaids to give those who buy the perk a specific advantage. For e.g if you buy Dragon Speed II, it will give you Speed II permanently if you do /dragonspeed2 in-game. If you would like to turn it off just use the command again.
  • There was a lot of hastle regarding the clarity of the rules, due to this reason I've added a thread on the website about the rules in game and in the forums. This thread is in detail and explains everything you need to know regarding them. If I have missed anything out, please feel free to comment below and I'll fix it.
  • I have also fixed two issues in the world border, one where players couldn't drop liquid, such as water and lava, and the other with enderpearls. I've had several complains from players telling myself that they are able to enderpearl out of the border, and doing so results in them dying. I have fixed this completely, whenever you try enderpearl out of the border, it will just stop the command from happening and you will get the enderpearl refunded in your inventory
  • There has also been a lot of changes made to factions. For example, players in a faction are able to set faction warps with 100k, currently they are only able to set one however in the future this may be subject to change depending on the demand of this feature. The next thing I have changed is that factions are only able to have 15 players and can claim only 100 chunks, this is to prevent players bringing multiple alts to join their faction for power, the limit on chunks was implemented to stop those who make massive bases for no apparent reason. Another thing I have implemented is that I reduced the gaining of power from 2 per 10 mins, to 1 per 10 mins. The last thing that most people were waiting for was faction fly, every player is now available to use /fly in their claims, those who have purchased /fly from the store can fly anywhere in the world, apart from the safezone and the warzone, this is to prevent any unfair advantages in public events, such as envoys, will be talked further below.
  • As stated above, we have added a feature called Envoy, although most people know it as Supply Crates. This event happens every 3 hours given that there is 8 players online. Envoy is a plugin that allows crates to randomly spawn in the warzone, inside these crates there are items depending on their tier. These tiers are Basic, Lucky and Dragon. The basic crate is a normal chest, the lucky crate is an enderchest and finally the dragon crate, is of course, a dragon egg. All of these have loot inside of them, the higher the tier, the better the reward.
  • Another feature we have implemented on Dragon Raids is custom enchants, however this plugin did cause some controversy, some players stated that custom enchants should be added to the server and others were saying that it ruins the gamemode. To make both worlds come together, I have disabled all the "game-changing" enchants, and nerfed it to only those enchants that aren't too OP. You can get custom enchants through XP by using /ce in-game.
  • A lot of changes were made to the shop in game and on the store. For example, I've added Iron Golem Spawners. All of the spawner prices have been nerfed and it should be easier to obtain spawners! I've balanced out the mob drop selling prices to make it more fairer to the spawner prices. Most things should be fixed in the in-game shop, if there are any imbalances, don't hesitate to comment below and I'll see what I can do.
  • Iron Golems no longer drop any poppies to improve the grinding experience.
  • I have also added a feature called SpawnerUpgrades, this perk is available through the store, it allows players to upgrade the spawners, by doing so it will result in the spawn rate of the spawner to increase, and it will also increase the radius at which they spawn from the spawner to increase. This should make the process of grinding a lot more easier
  • There has also been a few bugs in the spawn where the wood was burning from the fire that was placed beside it. I have also fixed creeper eggs not causing any damage to blocks, this prevented players from raiding.
  • now works to join the website, before you could only access the website by, this fix will make new players access the website easier
  • I have removed mobstacker and mob heads as there were generating too many errors in the console, If I find a more stable plugin, I'll add this. On the issues that we had was that when the mobs stacked together, if you killed one, all of them died and the items that were dropped didn't account for the mobs that died, due to this reason people wasn't grinding as often.
  • Another feature that I have implemented in genbuckets, this allows users to make walls a lot easier which is crucial for those who want to build a base. You can access this by using /genbuckets in-game. If you are unsure of how this plugins works, find myself or any other player in-game and they will explain it to you.
I'd like to personally thank those who continue to find bugs as it really makes our jobs a lot easier.

Thanks Everyone!

~ DragonRaids Staff Team
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